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Infinite Possibilities

Access Content Easily

VCode® allows any user to gain information instantaneously on the move in both online and offline environments.

Information can be distributed in various ways based on the user demographic, geo-location and/or past interactions. VCode® links directly to any form of information such as; websites, videos, photos, books, documents and much more.

Content in 'NO' clicks

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Impulse Purchasing

VCode® is a secure, digital method of payment that allows you to interact with and purchase a product from your surroundings within 6 seconds. The digital wallet also allows you to store all membership cards, purchase information and tickets within your own personal VCode®.

  • Faster Payments

    Faster Payments

  • Apple Pay

    Apple Pay

  • 6 seonds to buy

    6 seconds to buy


VCode® is able to offer a level of security that has for so long been required. There are three main areas in which VCode® is superior to other solutions.

  • Closed Loop Security
    Permission Based Access

    VCode® features different distribution points using various security parameters: User ID, Geo Location & Demographic.

  • Closed Loop Security
    Closed Loop Security

    Only VSTE database servers can generate a valid VCode® and only the VCode® app can successfully decrypt a VCode® and deliver the content required.


The VPerk® can feature an offer to use immediately, rewards for loyalty schemes and discounts for future purchases.

VPerks® can also be used to entice 'Second-Chance- To-Buy' offers or 'Repeat Purchases'.

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Easy To Use

Access all of your VCode® content in an instant

    • HistoryHistory

      View all of your past VCode®interactions.

    • MeMe

      View and Modify your personal VCode® information.

    • VCode History
    • VCode me
    • VCodes
    • VPerks
    • VCodeVCodes®

      View, Edit or Generate VCode®s for your own use.

    • PerksMy Perks

      Access and use all of your VPerk®s instantly.

Get your own VCode®

Store Loyalty, Banking, e-Voting and much more in your own VCode®

Assign any form of information to your own VCode® securely. Your VCode® can store anything from Identity Details, In Case of Emergency Information, Health Records, Payment Methods, Car Registration Numbers, Business Card Details, Social Media Links and much more all from the same code. Sensitive Information can only be read by those with permission.


A VCode® is a 2 dimensional code that links the physical world to a purchase or any form of information and acts as a secure identifier.
Download the VCode® app from the App Store, scan or import a VCode® into the VCode® app and access the content.
You can create a VCode® on any smart-device or desktop computer in a few simple steps. Enter the content you wish to deliver and a VCode® is created instantaneously. Your code is delivered on screen and via package to the relevant email address for use with print and/or digital display.
VCode®s must be large enough to be recognised and decoded by the smart-device application. To be sure that your VCode® is easily scannable, we recommend not to print them at less than 5mm. VCode® can be scanned under 5mm but it is recommended that testing is carried out before issuing a print run.
The VCode®s lifespan is dictated by the user, VCode®s can be recycled and used for different purposes. If a VCode® is generated and not changed, its lifespan is indefinite.
There are 28x 72 Quadrillion VCode® Variations... This is roughly enough for 288 million unique codes per person on the planet!!

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