What is VCode®?

When a VCode® is scanned by a camera on a smart device it links the user to the secure, cloud-based VPlatform® which is a database containing a complete record of who scans (the user), where (GPS location), what (transaction, information etc.) and when...

The VPlatform® can link the user via the code to any other database to pull up information or to carry out a transaction. By scanning a code the user therefore has access to all online information and the ability to transact. The VPlatform® keeps a complete record of all interactions.

Why is it different?

  • Scannable at up to, and over 100 metres. Perfect for use in various settings: advertising, sports facilities, stadia and arena. Over 4 times the distance of other codes.
  • Scannable 'on the move' so can be placed on buses, trains and taxis.
  • Instant image recognition.
  • Scannable at up to 160 degree angles, so can be used in shop windows, at outdoor events and concert mega-screens.
  • Targeted results – the VPlatform® provides different results to the user based on their demographic, geo location, and previous interactions.
  • Allows brands to 'push' users with offers.
  • Built in error correction. 30® of a VCode® can be damaged and still scan effectively. Important in uses such as packaging.
  • Secure closed loop system. Effectively there is no limit to the number of unique VCodes® that can be created.
  • In depth analytics produced as the VPlatform® has a complete history of all codes scanned with who, what, where, and when information. Other solutions code only offer up an IP address.
  • Scan while offline (Result is automatically retrieved when connection resumes).

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